May 1, 2014

Momma's Secret Passions...

By Amy

Hmmm, sounds a little steamy, huh?  Haha, I realized while typing the title it sounded a bit scandalous...and then I laughed my head off, cause I am like the LAST person who would write a naughty blog post.  And, then I HAD to keep the title.  :)

So.  I'm pretty sure all of us have secret dreams and aspirations that we keep hidden and safe.  It could be something you used to love to do, but can't seem to find the time for anymore.  Or, maybe it's something that you lack confidence in and you can't seem to get back into it. (Or try for the first time!)  Sometimes, a dream seems so stinkin far-fetched that we pass it off as unrealistic and never even try.  (Like my dream of becoming a famous rapper.  See pic below.  And, I'm kidding.  I can't rap to save my life.)

Yes, that is me (on the right) with my husband.  My rapper name: Al-Z Vanilla Face Danger Mouth. 
But, I love to hear stories about someone who out-of-the-blue decides to pursue a secret goal, whether it's big or small.  Like the retired businessman who takes up painting or the school teacher who decides to start training for a marathon.  Or the stay at home mom who decides to take a Hip Hop class.  Or the 65-year-old woman who enrolls in online courses so she can finally finish her degree. (I know an amazing lady who is currently doing this!  Love her!)

Here's the thing about passions: we don't have to be absolutely incredible at something to pursue it--if it brings us joy, then we should do it!  Even if we only share it with a few family members or friends--we should do it. :)  It takes a lot of guts to get out of the cozy comfort zone and try something new, but MAN is it awesome!  I feel like the freakin queen of the world afterword. :)

Ok, confession are my two secret passions:

First of all, I love to sing.  Like, a lot.  It's always been my secret ambition.  Being at home alone during the day with only my toddler, means I can belt to my heart's content!  (My poor downstairs neighbors...Sorry Amanda!)  And, Hayden loves to sing with me!  It's pretty awesome.  :)

From a tiny age, I was singing.  My mom says I sang recognizable tunes before I could speak.  And I grew up in a very musical family, so I learned a lot from my big sister, who can sing any harmony part.  I sang in tons of choirs and musical numbers, including many duets with my talented BFF Shandee.  I was always happy to be the alto to other singers, since I love harmony, but as I've gotten older and less timid, the idea of singing a solo no longer makes me want to vomit.  I think growing up and caring less of what others think of me has boosted my gutsy-ness too!  I recently dared myself to share a video on Facebook of my son and I singing. (Ok, mostly me...he quit singing when I started recording it!)  I was terrified to share it, and hoped that people wouldn't think I was just being conceited by sharing a video of myself, but everyone was SUPER supportive!  It was awesome...what a confidence boost. :)  And a couple months back, I got up and sang at an open mic night!  Afterward, I thought, "HOLY CRAP, what has happened to me?"  It was a major rush!  My next goal: to sign up for a 6 week vocal performance class this summer at the Performing Arts Center where I teach a couple of kids Art classes each week.  At the end, we have a recital and I'll have to sing a SOLO!!!  And, I REFUSE to let myself puke or pass out.  Ha, I probably won't have tons of breath support, since I'll be 3rd tri pregnant by then, but I figure NOW is the time to take the class, not after baby comes.

Now, don't get me dream isn't to be some famous singer, crooning to sold-out crowds.  Not only does that only happen to one in a million (and I'm not like some phenomenal, miraculous singer) but I wouldn't want that lifestyle anyway.  Nope.  I just love to sing for the pure enjoyment of it.  I would LOVE to someday be part of a small Acapella group.  Oooh, singing those tight, sweet harmonies make chills go up my spine!  (Pentatonix and Peter Hollen are my fav Acapella singers...check them out if you don't know them!)

My second passion: I LOVE houses.  If I were to go back to school, I would study interior design and take architecture classes.  Currently, my husband and I are designing our dream home.  I don't really know what the crap I'm doing, but that doesn't stop me from spending HOURS (especially on road trips) drawing and hashing out the layout, rooms, furniture, colors, etc of this future home.  It is seriously so fun to me!   And, may I add, we are SO many years from being able to build a dream home, (student loan debt to our ears!) but dang it, we're going to be ready when the time comes! :)  Here are a couple of pics.

So those are two of my passions. :)  I have others, like doing other people's make-up, dancing and traveling, but singing and designing my dream home are my strongest passions right now.

Ya know, it can be tricky as a mom to figure out how much time to give to hobbies, or even part-time business ventures.  Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to do anything else outside of my home/family.  But, I think there's a balance between two extremes--one side being the martyr mom who does nothing for herself and is run-down and sad, and the other being a mom who is so into her own interests that she's only giving her left-overs of time and energy to her family.  I don't want to be either.  No accomplishment in the world would ever make up for failing my family.

But, I believe it's totally possible to achieve our dreams a little at a time, while living a normal life!  God and my family are my number one priorities, but--ya know what?  Mom is a person too.  We are allowed to do things that we're excited and passionate about!  I believe that God gave us talents and strengths to enrich our lives, as well as others lives, and it's good for our kids to see us working hard to achieve worthwhile goals--what an example for them!

When I consciously try to fit in little snippets of time for these goals and hobbies, I feel so much more human and alive!  I feel rejuvenated--which makes me a happy mom instead of a resentful, impatient, bored mom. (Sorry if that sounds terrible...I'm SO grateful for my son and that I get to be home with him, but the day-to-day routine can get a little monotonous at times.  Some days it seems like my life will just be dishes and diapers FOREVERRRR.)  I'm grateful for blogging as a way for me to share my heart and connect with other women, and I can totally do it during my son's naps. :)  For my emotional well-being, fitting in these little moments of time for my interests are SO worth it!

I've also noticed that when I am spending even a little time everyday feeding my spirit, like reading from the scriptures for 5 minutes and kneeling for a heart-felt prayer before breakfast, my soul is more peaceful.  When I'm not taking the time to connect with God, I feel dissatisfied with life, no matter what's going on in it.

Another thing, I think it's ok if our passions evolve over time to fit our life circumstances.  When I was a kid, I would draw all the time, filling sketchbooks down in my room.  But, now--though I still love art--it feels more like work to me, since I was an art major in college and now I teach art professionally.

Doing art homework in college.
This is me teaching a teen art class.
One of the very few art pieces I've done since my college days.  It was for my brother-in-law's high school Art's of my sister-in-law, Alyssa.  I got to give it to her for Christmas! :)
Plus, not having my own space to do art makes it tricky with a toddler who is into EVERYTHING. So, I have to adapt and be ok with smaller, quicker art, and I don't pressure or guilt myself to make art when I'm busy with other things.  Drawing my Dream Home is basically my only artwork now-a-days. But, this summer I am taking a break from teaching, so before baby #2 comes and blows my mind, I have the goal to make 5 works of art!  YIKES!  We'll see if I can get my keester in gear.

I guess, for adults with families, it all comes down to the constant balance act.  Sometimes we have more times for our dreams, passions, hobbies, and loves, other times, not so when you have an infant.  (ha, my only passion during those first few months is SLEEP!)  But, even working at small goals will bring us a lot of joy.  Cause dishes will always be undone the next day, another meal is always approaching, and the house never stays clean for long, but learning how to play an entire song on the violin is a goal that can be accomplished!  It's worth it to make the time for passions and interests, even when it's just easier to veg out after my son goes to bed and watch all 5 seasons of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.  (Ha, I just finished it!  Dang cliff hanger!)  I mean, I LOVE to veg, but now and then I need to accomplish something cool. :)

Ok ladies, I am SO interested to hear...what are your secret dreams/interests/passions?  Be brave and let us know!  Is it tap dancing?  Yoga?  Do you want to write a fantasy trilogy?  Do you have killer invention ideas?  Do you yearn to learn an instrument?  Do you want to develop incredible culinary skills?  Do you want to travel the world?  Would you love to act in movies or on the stage?  Do you secretly want to start your own business?  Tell us! :)  And, I'd also love to hear your thoughts on finding a balance between pursuing your own interests while still keeping God/family as your highest main priority...cause it's not always easy!  :)

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  1. Great post! I was just talking with a friend this week about the balancing act of pursuing your own interests while not taking too much time away from your family. I'm still trying to figure that out! Also, your art is beautiful and your class looks fun! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment!! Yep, it's tricky indeed. :)

  2. You're right, it's so interesting to find out what are people's little dreams and interests, because often times they aren't related to their official "profession" as all, they are just little side hobbies that sometimes get brushed aside when life is too busy. I love, love, love acting on stage. I haven't done it since college, but it makes me very happy to be on a stage. I'm also a big fan of ballroom or swing dance.

    1. Yeah, isn't it fun? Especially when you find out that someone loves something off-the-wall, like juggling or playing the accordion! Ooooh, acting on stage! That's awesome! I've only been in 2 musicals, but it was INCREDIBLE. I hope to do more community theater in the future.

  3. As a mommy of 4 little ones with 2 different school schedules, teaching my youngest preschool at home, and having 2 part time jobs, all I want is to be the stay at home And make dinner and play with my kids mom I used to be. I have 18 months left of having a kid at home and have to swallow that passion and just let it all out during the summer.y more realistic passions are to become a zumba instructor, a cheer coach, and especially start my own business that would help middle and lower classes learn how to budget and save to get themselves a better life. It would include ways to limit what they spend on convenience items and such. I hope I can help a lot of people and that they'd teach their children. I also want to teach high school kids so they can start smart with their first job. Did you know that if you saved $20 in a 401k from the age of 18 on you'd be a multimillionaire by retirement? That's what I want to do. Give people the information that can change their lives for less than what financial advisors charge.

    1. Kellie, you would be such a good cheer coach or Zumba instructor!!! You should totally do it. And, the financial classes idea is amazing! Maybe I should take it from you when you start it up. :)

  4. Secret Passions...bwahahaha. :)

    I really really want to play the guitar and sing and I've been saying that since high school and haven't done it! If only I would have started when I wanted I could have been decent by now! I'm glad I read this post because sometimes I feel like if I'm not "working" at the mom stuff all day (cleaning, laundry, ect.) I'm not doing my "job" that I stopped being a dental hygienist to do. We need momma time too dang it or we'll go crazy!

    I love your blog. You have an awesome voice and I'm so glad you've started singing solos now! Oh and that picture for Alyssa is beautiful. I do have a slight obsession with horses now that I'm married to a cowboy.

    1. Laura, you SOOO should learn the guitar! I could just see you playing and singing a counrty song, with your luxiousis blonde hair streaming down...and you should probbly be sitting on a horse, too. haha! :) But seriously, hobbies are necessary for moms, just like getting socail time with other ladies. Don't feel guilty for that! :) And thanks for the compliment, you are awesome :) We should all get together and do another musical number. :)

  5. You are so funny! I always love your posts. My secret passion was starting a blog, which I've now done ( I'm so glad I did! It was that missing piece in my life. Thanks for linking up to the Be.YOU.Tiful link party!

  6. Great post. Yay you for singing in front of people. I get sick if I have to talk in front of people. I have raised my kids and while I did it, I think I lost a little of myself, just because i was devoting all of my time to my family. I think it's a great idea to have things that are just yours. I am getting that back now, with my blog and some of my hobbies. I would love to write a book someday. I just have to make the time for it. I had no idea blogging took so much time. I love it though. It's a great creative release. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  7. Love this! I sometimes forget that I even have passions anymore! I need to stop and think about them again!

  8. You should check out my new series called Build My House. :) I'm literally going through all the ins & outs of building a house - so that in the next few years, we will be ready when the time comes! :)

  9. So cool! I think we all have to find our passions (or rediscover them) once becoming wives and mothers but it's so rewarding when you do. I've discovered that I love sewing and helping design house renovations. It's so amazing to create something from nothing!

  10. Thanks for the reminder that it's a great idea to follow your passions. And your horse drawing is beautiful. Would love to see those five new pieces of art once they are created...

  11. Love this(like always girl)! It's good to step back and remember that I have passions too! Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Great post, Amy!! I am the same way.. when I do what I need to first.. I am content with life. When I dont, I worry about what I could be doing more. A secret passion of mine: Sing & dance on broadway. I sang when I was a little girl and in choirs. Also sang in choir in middle school and high school. But I never was brave enough to sing a solo. I'm still hoping that someday I will get enough courage to just do it! :)

  13. This is such a great post! My secret goal is actually to start blogging - which I just did! It is a creative outlet for me and keeps me doing things that I enjoy. :)


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