August 12, 2014

SOM Posts Round-Up!

By Amy

Friends!  I loved hosting the give-aways!  (The 2nd give-away is still open, so go enter if you haven't!)  I have always shied away from give-aways; sometimes they seem like they're bribing people for "Likes"...and I want people to "Like" my blog because they actually like my blog, ya know?  But it actually was a really fun way to thank YOU for reading and being a part of SOM!  It also proved to be a great way to bring in new to you new swaggin ladies, hopefully even if you just came for the give-away, you stay for the friends and content and cool stories we share! :)

An important goal of this blog is to hear from MANY ladies, so the more the better!  I love to be provide a platform for all of you who have a story to tell or ideas to share, but don't necessarily want to start your own blog.  Cause everyone deserves to be heard! :)  So, check out the "Wanna Contribute?" tab on the side of this blog for the deets so YOU can be the next contributor! :)  (Do it! ...I'm whispering this while sweeping my hand in front of your face like a Jedi...)
Did it work?  Haha... :)
If you'd rather not write a post, that's fine too, just enjoy reading and add a comment now and then! :)

Since this is the end of the (said with a big echo-y voice) BLOGIVERSARY BONANZA EXTRAVAGANZA, today I am posting a round-up of SOM posts from the past year and a half...many are by me since I post most often, but there's also a lot of awesome posts by guest contributors.  I chose posts that have a high number of views and I feel capture the essence of what SOM is about.  This was SOO hard to narrow down, cause I feel like every single guest post I've received is a gift and has been a privilege to share.  Sincerely THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed!  I love every one, but alas, there wasn't enough room to share them all.

SO, check out the topics that interest you and enjoy! :)

Also.  I am going to ask a cheeky favor from you: in honor of the BLOGIVERSARY BONANZA EXTRAVAGANZA please Share SOM with your friends!  You can choose a specific post from this list to Share or just do a general shout-out about the blog to all of your friends.  You also could tag specific ladies who you think would appreciate being part of our conversations!  When you share, be sure to let your Facebook peeps know what you like about SOM and why they should check it out, or they will just scroll on by!  :)

*BTW, I feel pretty shameless asking you to do this, but I've always done my best to bring you good content and put lots of work, time, and heart into this little bloggy, so I am proud of it!  Plus, there are so many awesome women who've contributed incredible posts that need to be shared--that gives me a boost of motivation to be cheeky enough to ask you to spread the word!*

In conclusion, if you Share SOM and/or a post from SOM, all your wildest dreams will come true.  (Fact.)  Plus, I will be sooo grateful and love you forever!  :)  So Share, Pin, and/or Google + away!

Adjusting to becoming a Momma (since that's what brought about this blog):
A perspective from a stay-at-home momma: I'm a Quitter (Sarah)
Stinkin Hard Turns Into Super Cool: My First Year as a Momma (Amy)
Seriously? Enjoy Every Minute? (Amy)

Fitness and Beauty:
Weight Loss Tips from A Lazy Momma (Katie)
The Life of An International Super Model (Andrea)
Only Skin Deep (Amy)

A raw and honest post about infertility:
To My Friend Battling Infertility (Hannah T.)

Love and Relationships:
How to Be Mistaken as a Newlywed Ten Years Later (Zoie)
An amazing post about divorce: From Heaven to Hell--Giving Love a Second Chance (Kendra)
Our Ridiculous (But Lovely) Love Story (Amy)

Pregnancy and Newborns:
Breaking into the Baby Making Business (Kristina)
Breast is Best But Starving is Worst (Amy)
18 Signs that you Might Be Over 18 Months Pregnant (Amy)

Postpartum Depression:
My Journey: Depression (Kara)
When The Fog Lifted (Maddie)

Sunday Thoughts: Your Spouse Can't Heal You (Amy)
God Sees YOU, Momma (Amy)

Home Decor:
Home Stylin': Sherie's Mid-Century/Modern Home (Sherie)
A Tale of Two Dressers (Amy)
Quick and Easy Craft: Love Song Pillow (Amy)

Living with/overcoming health problems:
Just When I Think I Can't, I Can! (Megan)
Trials, Blessings, Cancer (Hannah P.)
I Almost Died From Leg Obesity (Amy)

What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say (Tracy)
Finding Healing and Hope: Sherie's Experience Having a Stillborn Baby (Sherie)

Family Life:
Southernized (Erica)
Is Foster Care Right For Your Family? (Delilah)
Parents of the World, Take Back Your Friday Nights! (Sherie)
The Thriftiest Man Alive: My Dear Old Dad (Amy)

Not to put you on the spot, but.......did you share?!
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This was back in my college days. :)
If not...scroll back up to that Jedi so he can use his mind trick on you again, "You WILL share this blog." ha! :)  Sharing is Caring!

Alrighty friends!  Have a fabulous week, and hopefully when we talk again, I'll have a brand new little baby!!!  I feel HUGE...I'm about ready to jog some laps and chug some caster oil to get this little babe a movin'!  Ha!

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